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Condition-based Oil Changes: An Easy Way to Save Big Money

by: Brian Thorp

Perhaps your facility has a well-established oil analysis program that is providing great results, but are you utilizing all of the information available in the reports? If everything in a report is correct and within specifications, do you do anything else with the information? Do you still allow the time-based preventive maintenance work order to change the oil and filter? If you answered "yes" to this question, you could be wasting thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on unnecessary oil changes. You ...



Environmental Programs Save PepsiCo $375 Million

by: Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

PepsiCo's environmental sustainability programs saved the company more than $375 million since its goals were established in 2010, according to Pepsi's 2014 sustainability report.


The savings were achieved through the company's water management, energy, sustainable packaging and waste-reduction initiatives. During the same time period, the company delivered double-digit net ...



Global Footpringt Network Case Stories: United Arab Emirates

by: Global Footprint Network

When Global Footprint Network reported that the United Arab Emirates was the country with the largest per capita Ecological Footprint in the world (at almost 12 global hectares, Living Planet Report 2006), officials were determined to learned why.


The government launched the Al Basma Beeiya (the Ecological Footprint) Initiative in 2007 to ...



Carbon Pricing Surges Across Major Multinational

by: Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

Putting a price on carbon emissions is going mainstream, according to new disclosures provided to CDP, which finds major multinationals including Allergan, Campbell's Soup, Colgate-Palmolive, Stanley Black & Decker, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Nestle, Microsoft and Nissan are among the 437 companies using carbon pricing to offset the costs and risks of their greenhouse gas emissions productions.


CDPs saw a tripling number of companies that they use carbon pricing over last year ...


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