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Kleenoil Middle East offers different types of programs according to our client's requirement, being a truly complete filtration solution to equipment owners. We do not stop at supplying products. We continue serving our clients by implementing our program(s) in order to further maximize the benefits of running a filtration system. Through this, our clients enjoy huge financial savings, less downtime and more productivity.

KleenOil Program

The KleenOil Program is a proactive approach aim to prevent equipment failures by monitoring the condition of oil and components through regular oil analysis and oil diagnostics. We also have an option for real-time monitoring  of oil condition.


Our Oil Program has been tested and proven to be an effective and affordable business solution to costly and disruptive equipment breakdowns. Through the KleenOil Program, your business can be more profitable with much less equipment downtime.

KleenFuel Program

The KleenFuel Program aims to enhance fuel economy, which then improves the engine performance and saves you a lot of money. The Program enables your engine to run as new!


Our Fuel Program utilizes the Kleenfuel filtration system which is the only online system in the current market that cleanses fuel, in use, down to less than 3 micron and it also removes all water. The KleenFuel Program can help your business spend less on fuel, extend the life of injectors and reduce gas emissions.

Mobile Cleaning Service

We also offer a mobile cleaning service of our filtration systems ideal for cleaning contaminated oil or fuel on-site (client's site). Before committing to our service, you can send us a sample of your dirty oil or fuel and we will clean it with our unit for testing.


Our expert technician will be on-site to manage the system and to ensure the delivery of quality service.


Applicable only within the United Arab Emirates.

System Rental Service

For oil or fuel filtration services outside the UAE, we can arrange a rental service of our mobile filtration systems to your required location. Before committing to our service, you can send us a sample of your dirty oil or fuel and we will clean it with our unit for testing.


Our systems are simple to install and operate. Our technical team will be guiding and supporting you throughout the duration of rental service.


This service is also available within the United Arab Emirates.

Oil Cleaning and Flushing Service

Our Oil Cleaning and Flushing System comes in two sizes. HCS1000 has a flow rate of 1000 L/hr while HCS6000 has a flow rate of 6000 L/hr. We can clean most types of contamination in cooling oil, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and transformer oil.


Our Oil Cleaning and Flushing Service is cheap and effective. We can make your oil as clean as new oil! We flush the system as well while cleaning the oil so there is no more need to purchase flushing oil.

Oil Analysis

Regular oil analysis is important in the successful implementation of our KleenOil Program.


We take your oil samples for testing and analysis of the lubricant's properties, wear debris and contaminants using state of the art oil testing equipment. All oil tests follow and adhere to the latest international standards.


This service is included in our KleenOil Program without additional cost.

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Kleenoil Middle East is the exclusive Kleenoil agent in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Our head office is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and we have been operating since 2014.


We provide highly efficient filtration products and cost-effective, proactive maintenance programs for oil and fuel.


Kleenoil's design has been proven in the global marketplace for over 30 years with hundreds of thousands of installations and different applications.

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